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SKYWAY UPLINK — Show #05 w/ Lia Plutonic (Hosted by dileta)

We’re back this autumn for more pure bright fun!

This time featuring Montreal-based DJ Lia Plutonic with an hour of breaks and bliss! Do yourself a favor and also check out her Daisychain mix and catch her this January at Igloofest!



Klaus – Qua
Guchon – Apple Fantasy
Lastrack – Liquid State Reggaeton (Repressed Emotions Edit)
Sunareht – CGI Love Affair
Plus-Tech Squeeze Box – Suzzzzzy
Pizzicato Five – 愛のプレリュード
Syclops – Nelson’s Back
オオルタイチ – The Fortress School
Laced – Caustic Reverie

Lia Plutonic:

Reptant – Ectoplastic
Ciel, Kilig – Hearing Voices (club mix)
Breaka – The Ambush
Furious Frank – Ahora Si (D. Tiffany remix)
Kosh – Casablanca Vice
Soundbwoy Killah – Oh Baby
Denham Audio – Who Started Jungle
Joonam – Tightrope (OCB remix)
DAWL – Let’s Go
Stones Taro – Word Rush
DAWL, Sween & Kim Ann Foxman – Blood Moon (Dawl & Sween’s Tone Drop Out Remix)
Local Group – Baby Talk
Client_03 – 1nce Again
OCB – Aquaquest pt2 (The Anticlimax)
Eris Drew – Baby
Denham Audio – Overused Vocal Track 2
Ambien Baby – El Kesh
Solar Sound System – B16p15
Denham Audio – Overused Vocal Track 1


Nagisa Cosmetic – I am a computer
Jesper Dahlbäck – B1 JD Power Tools Vol. II (youANDme Edit)
栄免建設株式会社 – Itoshima No Nagaya
capsule – Lounge Designers Killer
Plus-Tech Squeeze Box – Rival
きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ – どどんぱ
SiLC – We Got The Beat
C Powers – Listening To The Music
SW. – justMUST4y

Lia Plutonic

Rising house DJ, Lia Plutonic, will take you on a journey into sound. With an ever-growing catalog of the finest rhythms and melodies she can find, her selection guarantees movin’ bodies. Playing on the same stages where she danced her heart out, Lia will take you by storm with high energy and timeless dance tracks selected specifically for you. Get ready to ride.



Dileta is an obsessive music digger, decks acrobat and bouncy ball from Montreal. They curate the Coolground event and mix series, host the monthly n10.as show Fragmentary, and the seasonal SKYWAY UPLINK show, all showcasing propulsive and angular leftfield body music.