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SKYWAY UPLINK — Show #003 w/ Guchon (Hosted by dileta)

Extremely proud to welcome Tokyo’s Guchon for the Spring edition. He’s the label head of Sabacan Records and he’s released multiple amazing EPs and tracks on Maltine, Moveltraxx, urwaxx, Merge Layers and more.

His productions have been a decisive influence to the sound I’ve been exploring in SKYWAY UPLINK so far, so I was thrilled to hear more of his DJ style. It didn’t dissapoint one bit.


– Dileta’s Set

Wheelman – Train Track
F*CLR Music – Ghosts (Black Science Orchestra Remix #2)
Usio – Over The Andes
Big Hands – Louis H. Theme
A Taut Line – Woken
subbassal tendencies – no tomorrow
Juizy LD – Looking Up to You
Cherryboy Function – Me & You
Bryan Kessler – Super Boo
Sound Stream – Tease Me
Daft Punk – Phoenix
Javen Souls – A Walk In The Park
Panooc – Monoimi
Musicarus – Disco Lady
WAKA – Slow Down, We Just Got Here
braven – Segregated Aura Pt. 1
Unknown Mobile – GUI Sync
Laced – Noctilucous (WIP)
Blixa – Data-7

– Guchon’s Set

Super Mario RPG CM
1-800 GIRLS – Corners
Technoman – bb82
Mr. Ho + Mogwaa – Bail-E
Blackwinterwells – Xtal
Audion – On My Way To The Center
Don Rimini – T.I.T.O.
Hajime Iida – Four (DJ Pigeon REMIX)
Guchon – Going To The Dog Land
Dance System & Cromby – Hypnosis feat. Mike James
Guchon – Trance Edits 03
Hatiras – Spaced Invader (Olav Basoski Remix)
Househead Samira – Radio Safia (Mighty Mark Remix)
Guchon – Duty Free
Fast Eddie feat. Funky J – Big Ol’ Booty (remix)
Marc Brauner – Things I Did
Guchon & Carpainter – Break It Down
Guchon – Raccoon Hill (Chrissy Remix)
Two Shell – Run
Unknown Artist – Fuck The Police
Trax Unit – VVS
DJ MELL G – Don’t fuck with da OG’s (feat. Leshutler)
Stardust – Music Sounds Better with You
DJ Spinn – Fall Back
Todd Terje – Inspector Norse
Big Dope P ft. TT The Artist, Feadz – Ride It
Gunhead – Bum Bum Satellites
Guchon – MA-1 vs M-1
Pharakami Sanders – Summer Fit 21
Sido – Carmen (Varum floor edit)
Stones Taro – Mind of Blue
DJ Earl – Wrk Dat Body
Cycheouts Ghost – 80s (Hujikopro Remix)
Sully – Run (Guchon’s Aquatic Ambiance Edit)
D.K. – Keyboard Study



Dileta is an obsessive music digger, decks acrobat and bouncy ball from Montreal. They curate the Coolground event and mix series, host the monthly n10.as show Fragmentary, and the seasonal SKYWAY UPLINK show, all showcasing propulsive and angular leftfield body music.