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Tribute to L.A. REID and BABYFACE – Mixed by Danilo


L.A. Reid and Babyface form part of the holy trinity of R&B producers that defined my musical tastes during the late 80s and early 90s (the other two parts of the trinity being Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and Teddy Riley).

This mix is a carefully curated set of songs that span the lifetime of Antonio ‘L.A.’ Reid and Kenneth ‘Babyface’ Edmonds’ musical work together, from their early days as part of The Deele to their work under the co-founded label, LaFace. While Babyface continued on to make his mark as a solo songwriter/producer during the 90s with chart hits like Tevin Campbell’s ‘I’m Ready’, and Boyz II Men’s ‘End Of The Road to name just two, it’s often the music he made with L.A. Reid that means the most to me. Their body of work together is significant and has an unmistakable signature that carved its own lane separate but not altogether disconnected from the New Jack era and the sounds of their Holy Trinity counterparts.

To maintain a certain flow and also to keep the mix to a manageable length, I have only included songs that are 90bpm and above. Later in the year I will release a tribute to the slow jams of L.A. Reid and Babyface.


1. The Deele – Sexy Love
2. The Deele – Body Talk
3. The Deele – Suspicious (12″ Mix)
4. The Deele – Hip Chic
5. Shalamar – Imaginary Love
6. The Whispers – Rock Steady (12″ Mix)
7. Pebbles – Girlfriend (Extended Version)
8. Paula Abdul – Knocked Out (Extended Mix)
9. Sheena Easton – The Lover In Me (Extended Version)
10. Babyface – Mary Mack
11. Pebbles – Do Me Right (Extended Version)
12. Mac Band feat. The McCampbell Brothers – Roses Are Red (Extended Version)
13. Mary Davis – Don’t Wear It Out (12″ Extended Edit)
14. Shalamar – Playthang (I Want You To Be My Playthang) (The Playground Mix / Radio Mix)
15. Karyn White – Secret Rendezvous (Extended Remix)
16. Sheena Easton – One Love
17. Babyface – It’s No Crime (IJ Extended Mix)
18. Karyn White – Don’t Mess With Me
19. The Deele – Working (9 to 5)
20. The Deele – Can-U-Dance
21. Shalamar – Circumstantial Evidence
22. Mac Band feat. The McCampbell Brothers – Jealous
23. Babyface – I Love You Babe
24. Babyface – Faithful
25. Johnny Gill – Never Know Love
26. Jermaine Jackson – I Dream, I Dream
27. Jermaine Jackson – Treat You Right
28. Damian Dame – Exclusivity
29. Damian Dame – Gotta Learn My Rhythm
30. The Jacksons – Nothin (That Compares 2 U) (Extended Version)
31. Whitney Houston – Queen Of The Night
32. Pebbles – Giving You The Benefit (Club Mix)
33. Bobby Brown – On Our Own (Extended Version)
34. After 7 – Heat Of The Moment (Remix)
35. Babyface – My Kinda Girl (Scratch Mix)
36. Bobby Brown – Every Little Step (Uptown Mix)
37. Babyface Tender Lover (Long Mix)
38. Karyn White – The Way That You Love Me (12″ Hype Mix)
39. Babyface – Give U My Heart (feat. Toni Braxton)
40. Whitney Houston – My Name Is Not Susan (L.A. Reid & Babyface Remix)
41. Johnny Gill – Fairweather Friend (12″ Remix)
42. Siedah Garrett – Refuse To Be Loose (12 Inch Remix)
43. Dynasty – Tell Me (Do You Want My Love)
44. After 7 – Loves Been So Nice
45. The Boys – Dial My Heart (12″ Heart Version)
46. Bobby Brown – Don’t Be Cruel
47. After 7 – Can’t Stop (Extended Fun Mix)
48. Damian Dame – Right Down To It
49. TLC – Baby Baby Baby
50. Bobby Brown – Good Enough
51. Bobby Brown – Humpin’ Around
52. Pebbles – Backyard
53. Jermaine Jackson – You Said, You Said (Extended Remix)
54. Jermaine Jackson – Word To The Badd!
55. Whitney Houston – Anymore
56. Pebbles – Give It To Me
57. Whitney Houston – I’m Your Baby Tonight


Danilo Gutierez

Danilo Gutierez