Version Excursion

Version Excursion: “Sunny” (Bobby Hebb)


I have a bit of a fascination for classic songs that go on to be covered hundreds of times by artists inspired to have a go at it. Standards like Gerswhin’s “Summertime”, Burt Bacharach’s “The Look Of Love”, classic Beatles songs, etc…

The result is over 50 years of interpretations coming in all shapes and sizes. Different languages and music styles. Some become classics, others laughable attempts and a few more are slightly more forgotten, obscure versions.

Bobby Hebb‘s “Sunny” released in 1966 has been covered by all of biggest stars of the 60’s and 70’s like Sinatra, Marvin Gaye, Dusty Springfield and even Leonard Nimoy (Spock) had a go at it.

Here are some of our favourite versions you might not have heard. Amazing renditions à la Latin, Jazz, Psychedelic, Disco, Classic Soul, even House! As we like to call it, Version Excursion!

Props to my friend, MIMS-own ASMA for the help with this list!

About SUNNY: “Hebb wrote the song in the 48 hours following a double tragedy on November 22, 1963, the day U.S. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated and Hebb’s older brother Harold was stabbed to death outside a Nashville nightclub. Hebb was devastated by both events and many critics say that those events and critically the loss of his older brother inspired the lyrics and tune. According to Hebb, he merely wrote the song as an expression of a preference for a “sunny” disposition over a “lousy” disposition following the murder of his brother.” (via Wikipedia)

and of course, here is the original

and while we’re at it, here is Leonard Nimoy‘s (Spock from the classic Star Trek days) version



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