Contest: Win A Vinyl Copy of the Latest Release from Boorane

House / Techno

Producers Boora and Krane team up as Boorane with this first release.

via In-Beat-Ween Music: Although it’s the very first EP of the project, these guys can hardly be called newcomers. Boorane members already have the “street” credibility and style with the strong roots and skills in b-boying and djing, dating back to early 2000s, and can easily teach us a thing or two about the art of digging, beats programming, real swing and texture.

With previous releases on King Underground Records, Boora is recognized as “the father of Russian beat scene”, no less. Together with his good friend and longtime collaborator on all fronts Krane, they came up with this many-sided work of beauty and depth. Soulful hip-hop beats meet heavily swung house, sophisticated techno and a nice slice of timeless electro, all based on obscure soviet samples, excerpts from long-forgotten scientific and documentary movies, chopped drum breaks and complex groove programming – created with the classic hip-hop set of tools: Akai MPC 3000 and E-Mu SP-1200.

Contest: Win a Vinyl Copy of “Thru Jazz To Mars”

(Ends on August 14, 2016)

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