DJ Frog – in 10 Records

The world’s first “around the clock” musical marathon dedicated to vinyl records & DJ culture returns for its unmissable annual edition at the Nuit Blanche in Montréal.

Casino of Montréal presents the 21st edition of the 24 Hours of Vinyl, part of the official Nuit Blanche in Montréal programming.

In honour of her upcoming set at our beloved 24 Hours of Vinyl event, we wanted to have a talk with Montreal’s DJ Frog about… records! What else!?

What is the last record you bought?

It’s party time!

Pal Joey ‎– #2

One record from your want list you’d love to find

Very beautiful, but also very expensive.

Walt J. ‎– Reflection

Record that never leaves your DJ bag

“Baby, I will…” is deep, loopy, and over 7 minutes long so a good track if you need to give dancers an ear massage or take a pause yourself. Ironically I lost track of it recently!

Yann Fontaine ‎– Hand In Hand E.P.

Perfect lazy sunday record

Strictly for “Electro Morning” though.

Dj Icey – Beats-A-Rockin

What would be your post-pandemic peaktime DJ set record

“Boudoir” is the perfect song…

Titonton Duvanté ‎– Voyeurism

A Quebec or Canadian record you love

My friends made this record and it captures a really special time in my life.

Doctors Pepper, Fashion ‎– Days Of Our Lives

A record you’ve paid serious money for (but don’t regret buying)

There was poorly graded copy floating around on discogs so I bargained for it. It was a gamble but it plays totally fine by my standards.

Gemini – B-Trip

Record you love playing that clears the floor every time

It’s a really beautiful song but for some reason I have a hard time fitting it into a set organically… it really needs space to breathe… one day…

Ian Pooley – What’s Your Number

Record you gave as a gift recently

I don’t really gift records but I gave half of this double LP away a few years ago and I deeply regret it. “Midnight Sunshine” is my favourite track.

UR ‎– Dark Energy

Record someone gave you recently (if you like it of course)

Locked groove on this record is a fun tool. I also recently was gifted a dubplate with some ambient experiments on it, that was really sweet.

CC Not ‎– Geo Fi



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