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Documentary: “NY77 The Coolest Year In Hell”

It’s a rainy Sunday night here in Montreal, which basically provides the perfect scenario for settling down (after what was most-likely a weekend of hard partying) and watching a great doc. Whatever the weather, NY77 – The Coolest Year In Hell is an extremely captivating account of one of the most obsessively fascinating places in the world (New York City) in one of the most important years of it’s life (1977).

In an attempt to peak your interest without spoiling any of the entertainingly informative interviews, here are a few subjects this film pieces-together to portray The Big Apple as a city that was equally falling apart and changing the world forever:


  • The infamous serial killer known as Son of Sam
  • The two-day blackout (resulting in uncontrollable looting and violence)
  • CGBG and punk bands like Blondie, Talking Heads and The Ramones
  • The birth of Studio 54
  • Paradise Garage and The Loft
  • The innovation, hard-work and competitiveness behind DJing block parties
  • Grandmaster Flash begins performing as a group
  • MCing
  • Graffiti culture
  • An intense political battle to take the reigns of a chaotic metropolis



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