Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: Lil Noid “Paranoid Funk” (1995)


An absolutely brilliant reissue of a long lost mixtape from Memphis’ 90’s Rap scene courtesy of Delroy Edwards’ LA Club Ressource label.

Reissues have become very common for Rare Groove records, House, Afro or Brazilian gems but they aren’t a very common thing in Rap or R&B. We’re hoping more labels start doing this, and god knows there are countless gems like this one just waiting to resurface.

Lil’ Noid was still a teenager when 20 years ago he released the “Paranoid Funk” cassette (produced by Blackout) which has become a cult classic and a collector item. Raised in Memphis, he was discovered by Juicy J and collaborated with Three 6 Mafia for almost 2 years.

I am by no means a fine connaisseur of the Memphis rap scene. I know my basics (Eightball & MJG, Three 6 Mafia, etc) but I deeper into it last summer when my friend from Serbia, Phillie P sent me a great mix devoted to rare cassettes from the scene (check it out here).

And now the cassette which took many years to even make it out of the Tennessee state lines is available worldwide on vinyl. And that’s a beautiful testament to timeless music which doesn’t have an expiration date.

1. Introlude
2. Criminalistic Knowledge
3. Hoe Call
4. Hamptown
5. Try Me
6. Death Row
7. Load My Clip
8. In the Dark
9. Binghamton Niggas

Lil-Noid-2013-Official Tape




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