Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: Tonio Rubio Song “Bass in action n°2” (1973)


When I started listening to the french compilation “69 année mélodique: une certaine idée de la variété française 1964-1973″ on Fanon records, I know I was in for a couple of discoveries with rarities by the usual suspects like Dutronc or Gainsbourg. But one name was totally unfamiliar to me, Tonio Rubio.

His track “Bass in action n°2“, with a beautiful bass over clean drums, sweet keys and humming vocals, is simply a beat-maker’s heaven. This cut is taken from the french bassists excellent ’73 LP (his only album) named “Rhythms” on the label Tele Music. A collaborator with some great artist like Jean-Claude Vannier or Serge Gainsbourg, he demonstrates on this selection and on the whole project that he had the groove to create magic under his own name!

So for all the beat-makers in search of great samples, check that one out on the web or try to find a clean copy under 100$!

Track taken from the Kramos’ latest monthly show called “Fresh Taste“. Check it out below!



Since his parents bought him a used "Pyramid" mixer more than 20 years ago, Kramos has always been a fiend to discover new music in every format possible and put mixes together. His first love was hip hop, but his tastes are now more eclectic than ever. The monthly show "Fresh Taste" with his friend MC Tank Pumpin' is proof of that.