DJ ASMA presents “My Favorite Brazilian Music Videos”

I am a passionate fan of brazilian music in all its forms. From the evolution of samba to the psychedelic tropicalia period, Brazilian’s have always managed to innovate while uniting under a truly national sound. You may ...
by DJ Asma


DJ VADIM presents “My 10 Dancefloor Starters”

Once again instead of asking one of the artists we’re playing with the same old Q & A you’ve heard a million times, we thought we’d ask if they’d be part of that little something we like to call MIMS...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)

Jacques Greene

JACQUES GREENE presents “My Most Influencial Tracks”

We asked our good friend Jacques Greene to give us a little look into some of his personal influences. We like asking artists about their influences because you sometimes find out more than a standard Q&A. On top of being...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)



SEVDEE presents “My 7 Favorite Posse Tracks”

When Sevdee, my long time homie and prominent Montreal hip-hop figure, told me he wanted to do one of my MIMS Lists themes based on his favorite posse tracks of all-time I was really up for it! Then 4 months passed and voilà. ...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)


EVO presents “My Top of Albums & Tracks of 2012″

When Lexis sent out an email to all the MIMS contributors, asking for everyone’s “best of” lists, I was inflicted with mixed emotions. On one hand, I was pretty excited to get the opportunity to share my top p...


DJ NAES presents “My Favorite Dilla Beats”

Naes aka Toast Dawg is my homie from day 1. Litterally. We were in grade 2 to high school together. Naes grew up to be one of pillars of the hip-hop scene in Quebec. He was the production force behind projects like Atatch Tatuq...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)



5 Favorite Footwork Tracks for 2011 (picked by Who Da Coldest NYE crew)

Hey guys! This is your friendly neighborhood DJs from Project Sunday! Did you know that we’re throwing a Footwork rave on New Year’s Eve? It’s true! You might have seen us flyering Blizzarts and Bluedog or posting about i...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)

MIMS Top Tracks of 2011

MIMS Top Tracks of 2011

Just in time to close off 2011 here is the list of our favorite tracks of the year. You’ll recognise a lot of these from previous MIMS Shows. They are also a direct reflection of tracks I liked to DJ this year. It’s...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)

Mak 10 - Nasty FM - Mak Ten - DJ

MAK 10 presents “My Most Influencial Tracks”

No introduction needed. DJ MAK 10 is a pioneer in the UK GRIME scene. MAK’s career started with the infamous N.A.S.T.Y. CREW, which developed most of grimes biggest acts to date with the likes of Dizzee Rascal, Kano, Ghetto, ...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)


XI “7 Jungle Tracks that changed my life”

XI presents “7 Jungle Tracks that changed my life”

Had the pleasure to play with XI last weekend as part of the Pop Montreal festival and although I was a fan of his production for a little while now I found out we had a lot in common when it comes to our dj-ing tastes. He play...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)

Phil Sparkz “7 tracks from 1969 that shaped my future”

PHIL SPARKZ presents “7 tracks from 1969 that shaped my future”

Our good friend and very talented young dude named Phil Sparkz hit me up about this project almost a year ago and I guess it’s taken him this long because he wants to honor his original vision. The concept is to pay homma...
by Phil Sparkz


LEFTO presents “My Essential Summer of 2011 Records”

LEFTO awesome DJ, radio host, music digger and all around great dude was in town on vacation these past few weeks. He took some time to visit Montreal and Quebec City (check out his great road movie here). He also came down to...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)