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Tribute to YAMASHITA TATSURO – Selected by Prince Klassen

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Wow. Talk about some heavy digging! Dead serious mix from our friend Prince Klassen from NYC.

From Prince Klassen: “The goal of the mix was to celebrate one of my favorite Japanese musicians that surely gets the credit he deserves but rarely observed as one of the world’s greatest and most prolific artists, Yamashita Tatsuro. His work is endless and though plentiful amongst other musicians and singers, his arrangements are clearly very Tatsuro.

While his solo work has been long admired and collected, it was his studio work for others I wanted to tap into. While compiling tracks for the mix I found myself inundated with more than one mix can handle so the plan would be to carry on the series at my leisure. The mix was also created for my good friends Ryan and Yoko’s newborn baby, Noemi. Though I haven’t met her or Tatsuro in person they both bring me equal amounts of joy and hopefully soon I will get to hang with both of them.”

となりのたつろ v.1by Prince Klassen

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‘Nightwing’ taken from Moonglow – 1979
‘Magic Ways’ taken from Big Wave – 1984
‘Windy Lady’ taken from Circus Town – 1976
‘Midas Touch’ taken from Sonorite – 2005
‘Paper Doll’ taken from Go Ahead! – 1978
‘キスカ’ performed by Haruomi Hosono, Shigeru Suzuki & Tatsuro Yamashita taken from Pacific! – 1978
‘バイブレイション’ by Kimiko Kasai taken from Tokyo Special – 1977
‘Circus Town’ taken from Circus Town – 1976
‘都会’ performed by Taeko Ohnuki taken from Sunshower – 1977
‘Sparkle’ taken from For You – 1982
‘Daydream’ taken from Ride On Time – 1980
‘ツバメのように’ performed by Yumi Matsutoya taken from Olive- 1979
‘Misty Mauve’ taken from Rarities – 2002
‘Summer Sun’ taken from Circus Town – 1976

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