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Tribute Mix to LUKE VIBERT – Selected by Lexis (on Ninja Tune / Solid Steel)

via Ninja Tune: In Hour 2, to coincide with Luke Vibert playing at the last I love Acid and 20 years of releasing music, we feature a retrospective mix done by Lexis from the excellent Music is my Santuary. In his own words; “Doing a tribute mix to Luke Vibert and his multiple production pseudonyms is not a challenge I took lightly.

His versatility is what drew me into electronic music in my youth and he has in my opinion one the most diverse bodies of work in recent electronic music history, through Moody Abstract Hip-Hop, Acid House, Disco, Drum & Bass and House. I wanted to do this mix because a lot of people might know Luke Vibert from one of his multiple personas without connecting the dots with the other projects. Big respect to Luke Vibert and all his split personalities.”
The new Luke Vibert Album ‘Ridmik’ is available on Hypercolour and you can catch up with his music as Wagon Christ on Ninja Tune here

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Luke Vibert _ Sparky Is A Retard _ Soundofspeed
Luke Vibert _ I Hear the Drummer _ Ninja Tune
Wagon Christ _ Deux Ans De Maïa _ Ninja Tune
Wagon Christ _ Electro Gangsta _ Unreleased, Peel Sessions
BluRum13 _ Earthbound (Produced by Luke Vibert) _ The Elephant
Wagon Christ _ Lazer Dick _ Ninja Tune
Luke Vibert _ I Love Acid _ Warp
Luke Vibert _ Acid 2000 _ Planet Mu
Wagon Christ _ The Groove (Souled Out) _ Ninja Tune
Luke Vibert _ Acage _ Hypercolour
Kerrier District _ Let’s Dance And Freak _ Rephlex
Kerrier District _ Disclix _ Rephlex
Falty DL _ Human Meadow (Luke Vibert Remix) _ Planet Mu
Luke Vibert _ House Stabs _ Planet Mu
Ace of Clubs _ Rubber Chunks _ Firstcask
Jean-Jacques Perrey & Luke Vibert _ Moog Acid 138 _ LoEB Records
Spac Hand Luke _ Psycho _ Rephlex
Amen Andrews _ Grime II Dark _ Rephlex
Wagon Christ _ Kiddies Swing _ Unreleased, Peel Sessions
Plug _ Feeling So Special _ Ninja Tune
Plug _ Back On Time _ Ninja Tune
Amen Andrews _ Babylon _ Rephlex
Luke Vibert _ Slowfast _ Warp
Wagon Christ _ Rennie Codgers (Interlude) _ Ninja Tune
Luke Vibert _ A Fine Line _ Soundofspeed
Luke Vibert _ Do Unto Others _ Mo Wax
Luke Vibert _ Get Your Head Down _ Ninja Tune
Wagon Christ _ Bend Over _ Ninja Tune
Jamie Lidell _ A Little Bit More (Luke Vibert Mix) _ Warp
Wagon Christ _ Harmoney _ Ninja Tune
Dj Food _ Turtle Soup (Luke Vibert Mix) _ Ninja Tune
Aphex Twin _ Ventolin (Luke Vibert Mix) _ Warp
Luke Vibert _ So Long (Outro) _ Mo Wax



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