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“My Favorite Record Stores” by CATALIST (Toronto)

In honor of all the great record stores in the world still doing their (essential!) thing. We asked some of our favorite artists out there to give us a little run down of their personal favorites.

Here are some of CATALIST‘s personal favorites.

Favorite Hometown Record Store : Play De Record, Toronto

@Catalist: This was the first record store I went to in Toronto. Jason (Palma) always seems to know the records that I didn’t know I wanted… There are other stores I dig in town, but for longevity and consistency Play De takes it.

Favorite International Record Store : Waxwell Records, Amsterdam

@Catalist: First went here in 2007, and found some dope joints.. I was digging for more dusty breaks and soul and they had what I needed and then some. Went back last year and copped some great 45s for cheap. The owner (Taco) is a super friendly dude and knows his stuff. Highly recommended.

R.I.P Store you miss the most : Lost And Found, Toronto

@Catalist: Used to be up on Bathhurst for a bit. The owner (George) was into crazy psych records and was always super bitter in an awesome way, so it made things entertaining when I went there. Had some homies who worked there too, so it was that place you could go, chill, listen / buy , whatever. Definitely got some nice pieces there (after Kaewonder picked everything over).


Growing up in Peterborough, NH, a small town in north eastern US, Alister Johnson aka DJ Catalist, drew his first influences from the sounds of hip-hop producers DJ Premier, RZA, Pete Rock & Large Professor. Armed with a turntable and Cool Edit, an audio sampling program popular in the day, he soon began making hip-hop beats of his own. Alister has given his special touch in production to remixes for artists such as Feist, Hird w/ Yukimi Nagano, LAL, Layah Jane, Voice, to name a few. When he is not working on tracks for other artists, Alister is making music with a team of writers at The Hive for television shows and commercials.

As Catalist, Alister has produced for local MCs Louwop the Dirty General and Scot Free; but he is perhaps best known for his production efforts on the ‘unofficial’ remixes, the DJ Catalist re-edits, of Nina Simone, James Brown, Love, Ruth Brown, and Billie Holiday.

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Montreal-based DJ and the founder MusicIsMySanctuary.com (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).