MIMS Forgotten Treasures

Hand picked gems by the MIMS team rescued from dusty record bins.


Forgotten Treasure: Scottie Deep Presents Daddy’s Mood “About You” (1994)

House music runs deep in the Kinchen Family. Mark “MK” Kinchen doesn’t needs no introduction. His lesser known brother Scott Kinchen deserves to be rediscover again. Working under different aliases, the most c...
by The RawSoul


Forgotten Treasure: Sizzle “Keep On Tryin” (1984)

This Saturday, I’ll be making another little road trip to Quebec City with my homie Felix aka: Le Laitier / Packity Schplurps / Luigi E. Schlumberger (yeah, don’t ask, hahaha). We’ve been recently spinning some sweet disc...
by Doc'trin


Forgotten Treasure: Half A Mill “Any Day Can Be Your Last” (1993)

I found this myserious 12′ single in a dollar bin a few days ago and I don’t why I picked it up but I guess the Afro and $$ visuals caught my attention. Well I’m glad I did because this is some heavy heavy stu...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)



Forgotten Treasure: Azucar de Caña “Eva Ayllón”

Oh nostalgic Montreal winters. Every year I fear your bitter cold days but revel in the knowledge and experiences you bring me. Think what you may of Black History Month, it does have a way of bringing our attention the beautif...
by MF Gold


Forgotten Treasure NYC Peech Boys “Come On, Come On” (1984)

I was introduced to this song a few months ago on a trip to my favorite records store. When the co-owner saw me grabbing that 12″, he looked at me dead in the eye and said “This is the best Larry Levan production ev...
by The RawSoul


Forgotten Treasure: Tia Carrere “I Wanna Come Home With You Tonight” (1993)

A big challenge for me would be to choose my ultimate favorite Masters At Work remix. Tough choice indeed. They were just on fire for the most part of the 1990′s decade! One thing that I know for sure is that their early ...
by The RawSoul



Forgotten Treasure: 94 East “If You See Me” (1975)

Below are the liner notes from Numero Group‘s 94 East chapter of Purple Snow: Forecasting the Minneapolis Sound. “If You See Me” is also available on 45″. “Pepé Willie was more of a sapling than a...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)


Forgotten Treasure: Strong Souls “Sensual Let’s Work” (1993)

This one is really close to my heart. A very obscure release that I’m very surprised that very few people play. Strong Souls is a rare Larry Heard project that was released on Black Market in 1993. That release followed h...
by The RawSoul

Free Love Foundation - The Sound

Forgotten Treasure: Free Love Foundation “The Sound” Kerri Chandler Remix (1993)

If you were heavily into UK Garage and 2 Step around 1997-1998, you might be familiar with 4 Liberty records. They had major releases out from Dreem Teem, Colour Girl and Underground Solution amongst others. Let’s rewind ...
by The RawSoul



Forgotten Treasure: Dreamer G “I Got That Feeling” (1992)

Every now and then I get into one of these 90′s Deep House moods which happens to be all the rage right now. Like anything else, the wrong kinda deep house music can be very boring and disposable; the line between great s...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)

Dur-Dur Band - Dooyo

Forgotten Treasure: Dur-Dur Band “Dooyo” (1987)

You know when you are just scanning through hundreds of songs and albums just to find one you actually like. And with every track that passes you become more and more depressed because nothing is jumping out at you. Sometimes, ...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)


Forgotten Treasure: The Poets “Emotion” (1993)

The origin of this track is a bit strange. Taken from an obscure Italo House EP from 1993, “Emotion” definitely has more of a New-Jersey House feel than a sun drenched mediterranean piano house song you’d hear...
by The RawSoul