MIMS Future Classics

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Future Classic: Deep 88 & Melchior Sultana “Track 3″

It’s funny (or ridiculous) how sometimes you get lost into music. When I had the chance to come across this project I had no clue who the artists were behind this release. Then I dug back to some new releases I picked up ...
by The RawSoul

Sir OJ - Gonna Pop

Future Classic: Sir OJ “Gonna Pop”

It’s always good to hear a producer hit their stride and start putting out stuff that sounds genuinely off the wall. Sir OJ first cropped up on my radar back in 2008 when he dropped his State Beattape, along with Dutch compad...
by Cal

The Old Writer “Reflection”

Future Classic: The Old Writer “Reflection”

For better or worse 2013 has seen a sudden resurgence of the early 90′s Deep House sound. For better because a new generation had the chance to discover that crucial moment in House music history. For worse because a lots...
by The RawSoul


Kaytronik aka Karizma

Future Classic: Kaytronik aka Karizma “Komplements EP” (Atjazz Records)

Ah happy sunny days… Ok, sorry to rub it in for people facing the tough North American / Europe winter. I’m on the beach right now, and although there’s a lot of music that fits with the joy of being on holidays, and cert...
by Flovin

Afrolicious “Pleasure Power / Pleasure Time”

Future Classic: Afrolicious “Pleasure Power / Pleasure Time”

The seminal Afro-funk outfit, San Francisco’s very own, Afrolicious, are back again with a couple of brand new ep’s, “Pleasure Power” and ‘Pleasure Time.’ If you’ve ever been to their w...

Cosmin TRG “Noise Code” (Miles Against the Grain Remix)

Future Classic: Cosmin TRG “Noise Code” (Miles Against the Grain Remix)

For me anything related to techno is more of a winter thing, I rarely catch myself popping in some Shed, Andy Stott, Dettman or others on a beautiful summer day. But with the return of the dark depressing days of winter in Mont...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)


Dead Obies “Montreal $ud”

Future Classic: Dead Obies “Montreal $ud”

Only about a year ago Dead Obies was at its infancy; a collective of MC’s (SnailKid, O.GBear, JoRCA,YS McCan & 20some) spitting stream of consciousness rhymes over producer VNCE’s beats. They decided to throw together a...
by DJ Asma

Perfume Advert “Tulpa” (1080p Records)

Future Classic: Perfume Advert “Tulpa” (1080p Records)

This one is for all the lovers of that moody, abstract, deeper than deep sound. Slow techno that is layers upon layers of crackly vibes. If you’re a fan of Rhythm & Sound, Kassem Mosse, Andy Stott, Actress then you wi...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)


Future Classic: Fitz Ambro$e “Wuu”

I was sitting at the house talking to the homies Onra & Lemy Leopard the other day and we were sharing musical discoveries and treasures and one name that came up a few times is Fitz Ambro$e. I had seen the name float aroun...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)



Future Classic: Lynden David Hall “Memories & Souvenirs”

This truly amazing track was given a second life with the re-release of  UK soul singer, the late Lynden David Hall’s “In Between Jobs” LP, originally out in 2005 on Random Records. Hall was one of the most p...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)


Future Classic: AKUA x Black Milk “Puddles”

OkayPlayer and OkayAfrica launched an awesome project a few months back called the Player Xchange, which is a videos series where they link an African artist with an American artist to write and record an original song. I was a...
by MF Gold


Future Classic: Ohmega Watts “Pieces of a Dream”

The ever so talented Ohmega Watts, as of today, has dropped his newest album, “Pieces of a Dream” on the highly lauded indie label, Mellow Orange Music. After a thorough listening of the album, one can conclude that...